I was planning on studying tonight, as well as given the apartment a good go-over, but Hetalia Season 2 just arrived in the mail.

So I guess I'll have to delay that stuff for an hour or so.  
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The Japanese Project probably the least imaginative name for what I'm trying to do, but eh. 

The main reason I stared this account is because over the next few years, I'll be learning Japanese. (Well, that and the fact I've never tried being in fandom before) My aim is to one day speak, read and write it at a native level.

I've never done anything like this before: never done any self-study, and hell, even my at school studies didn't always go too well. I'm a serial procrastinator, I'm scatterbrained, I have depressive episodes on a fairly regular basis, and I'm as thick-skinned as a used tissue. 

But...Japanese is important because there are stories out there. Books, movies, games, anime...Stories told by Japanese speakers that are 'too niche', 'too abstract', 'too dubious', 'too gratuitous'. Stories that no matter how many ticky boxes or online petitions we click, they're never going to be translated for us. For whatever reason, it just wouldn't make enough profit for people to be interested.

I'm a story addict.  Because of that, I don't want to have to be at the mercy of whatever market forces are a brewin' at any given moment. I want to be able to experience everything I can: poems, proverbs, novels, movies, books, comics, games, everything.  This could, of course, apply to any language, but for me, it's Japanese.

I realise that it's a fairly shallow reason to learn a language. But it's the one that keeps me going.

Right now I'm moving slowly through Heisig's <i>Remembering the Kanji</i>. More on that some other time.
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I finally got around to watching Hetalia (it's been a busy week), so I thought I'd jot down a few of my thoughts.Collapse )

Other than that, there isn't much to say right now. I'm running into some fairly big stumbling blocks on Ye Olde Japanese Projekt, but I'll talk about that another time. Hopefully once I've overcome them.
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Writer's Block: Extraordinary Inspirations

What inspires you in life? What makes you want to reach for the stars and do something truly extraordinary?

Stories, both true and invented. When I watch Simon fighting against all probability, when I read about Khatzumoto becoming native-level fluent in just a few years, when I see stories online about people overcoming depression, it gives me real hope.  Kind of a "F&^%, yeah I can <i>do!</I> this!" feeling. Having someone to emulate, having an experience to build on and modify really helps me to motivate myself. 

Maru kaite chikyuu...

I just spent the past five minutes squeeing my brains out because the Hetalia Season 1 DVD just arrived.

The packaging is gorgeous, the bandana is adorable, and the overall presentation's making me itch to watch it. Unfortunately, I can't do that until I get home from work tonight, but still...=D

I've been curious about the dub for a long time. Seeing the clips on YouTube, it looks like it's going to be the best kind of awful. The jokes come out of nowhere, there offensive content has been turned up to eleven, and some of the voices are so goofy it's unbelievable. Which is exactly why I think I'll love it.