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So, yesterday was fairly awful, and I'm fairly hung over right now.

It started out with a fairly minor kerfuffle between the husband and I which can be pretty much summed up like this.

Ange: If I leave now, I can take the bus across town to that awesome Italian place and grab some delicious pasta before lunch ends. =9
Hubby: But...I don't have to head to work for another half hour. Wouldn't you rather spend more time together?
Ange: But pasta. D:

In the end, I ended up staying. We had spaghetti for breakfast. It was lovely.

And then the rest of the day happened.

I should probably mention that we'd also had a slight debate over whether or not I should buy textbooks for college, specifically Government. His philosophy vis a vis textbooks is to buy whichever edition is cheapest, but since my Professors all seem to be textbook evangelists, I'd rather only edition jump back one edition. When I pointed out that his copy of the Gov textbook was the National version, and not the Texas one I needed, he fished out another textbook and said it'd be fine if I just winged it. I ended up buying the right version on half.com anyway. Overall my textbooks cost just under $100, which isn't too bad, but I know I'm going to get a lecture on how textbooks are a scam, and how my teachers are all assholes for making me purchase the lab programs and so on. I love the man to bits, but I'd rather not lose potential marks for the sake of saving a few bucks.

I then took a ninety minute bus ride to college for three reasons:

-I'd been told the previous day (Wednesday) that Goodwill's 50% day had been changed to Thursday, and I wanted to pick up some clothes for a Sunako cosplay, and maybe a few spare pairs of jeans.
-I'd heard that the textbook store gave out scantrons for free.
-I remembered there being a delicious Japanese restaurant in that area.

At this point, I should probably point out that to get from college to the shops, I need to trudge over about half a mile of uneven fields.

It was freezing cold out. I went to the textbook shop; their prices for the circa 2001 editions of books were twice as much as Amazon or Half's price on the ones that're only a year or so out of date. The scantrons were the exact same price as they are in the vending machine at college, and to top it all off, the people who worked there were utterly snotty for no apparent reason. I politely told a woman at the counter that I'd heard they had very good deals on the test materials, she shrugged and said "They're two bucks a pack", then a woman checking the inventory computer added "If you're gonna be shopping here, you'll have to put that bag on the baker's shelf-coat, too."
I grabbed a couple of test sheets and left. I couldn't find the Tampopo-I figured it closed or moved, but apparently it's just on the opposite side of the highway than I remember-so I just went into Panda Express to grab a bite to eat. I'd somehow forgotten how much I hate that place; ended up getting a slap of lukewarm rice, two different types of chicken, and a small drink for about eight dollars. *sigh*

Finally, I headed to Goodwill, hoping that I'd find some decent stuff for cosplay. I spent about two hours there. I found several pairs of pants that could somehow conquer my death-swerve hips, an adorable belt, a bizarre tie for my husband, a gorgeous satin skirt, and the perfect Sunako outfit. I was about to check out, when I confirmed that half price days had been moved a day back; the cashier gave me a look like I'd grown tentacles, and asked me who'd told me. I described the lady I'd spoken to the day before
"Only one who looks like that 's a mangager. Everybody knows it's Wednesday."

I decided not to buy anything, and to head home for the day, when I found out that the bus doesn't pass by college between about lunch time and seven in the evening. I headed to the library and checked out a few books, including Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto, which was touching and brilliant and made me feel a little better. I called my husband on his lunch break, he told me to swing by. I had to take a few diversions, and when I got off the train, I realised I was completely lost, so I ended up just heading to the Waffle House, which was delicious. My husband told me they were keeping him back an hour late, so I decided to get back on the train and just take my original route home.

I ended up riding the rails for about an hour, then I met up with my husband, went to a gas station, threw up, went home, called work, found out I've been scheduled while I'm fifteen miles away for work, and then proceeded to watch Ergo Porxy while drinking far too fast.</cut>

In other, better news, I've come up with a few cool techniques for Kanji learning that I want to post about sometime (hopefully later this evening), and I'm loving the heck out of Bioshock 2. It's a retread, and that's kind of disappointing, but at least it's a retread of something awesome.

Also, my first Public Speaking assignment's made me realise just how much I left behind when I moved here. We're supposed to bring in a few photos and two objects to use as talking points about our life experience. I got my mum to email me some cute pics of me as a baby, but...Really, everything sentimental's back in England. I looked around the apartment and all I could find was the copy of I Shall Wear Midnight that she'd sent me, and my Russia keychain. S'kind of sad, to be honest.

Ah, well. Things'll be better today, and tonight I'll hopefully post some cool stuff. =D

Love you all. ;)
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