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 Events aren't being very...<i>eventful</i>, lately, but I'd still like to say <i>something</I>, so I might as well post it in horribly over-simplified bullet points.

-The Great And Terrible Mushi-Shi AMV is still making me cry, mostly because-in a fit of misjudgment-I decided to look online for AMVing tips. It kind of crushed my soul.
<i>"Thematic resonance? Communication?! Am I saying anything new about this five year old series? And oh gosh, do I sync to the beat or the lyrics? I'm doing both right now...is that okay? IS IT?! OH GOD I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING."</i>

-My better half bought me a book on the history of Russia. Due to childhood experiences, I have a natural prejudice against land masses and the people who live on them*, but it's been ages since I've tried to get into history, and it <i>is</I> Russia, so why the heck not?

-I'm currently re-acquainting myself with the various <i>Silent Hill</i> soundtracks. Verdict: they still rock, and are beautiful.

-I can't wait for Black Friday, because on that day I will descend upon the local Entertainmart like a terrible plague and snap up various lovely survival horror games for pocket change.

-<I>Revolutionary Girl Utena</I> is bloody fantastic. 

-I haven't worked on my Heisig flashcards in <i>days</i>. 

*Especially during...<i>times</i>.
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