December 24th, 2010

Chi Wiggle

The Rain-Rain-Rain Came Down-Down-Down

So...Dallas decided about a month ago that we wouldn't be having a white Christmas, that instead it was going to be balmy and breezy and suspiciously like the weather should have been about a month ago (and you think I'm flaky).

That is, until today. After I got my in_particulate stuff mailed off, it started pouring down: thunder, fog, and torrential rain. Due to a mix of childhood nostalgia and rampant nationalism, I was adamant that the holidays just aren't the holidays without Bisto. So I managed to get my ass throroughly soaked today. -___-

This year's the first in a while that I'm really, avidly looking forward to the 25th. Sure, there's no Yule Log, no holly and ivy, but this is the first real Christmas I've had since moving here. I'm so incredibly happy, I can't even describe it.

Hope y'all enjoy tomorrow. =)