December 4th, 2010

Ginko Ramen

Sleepwalking through life

Apologies to everyone and anyone I've come into contact with the past few days. If I haven't replied, commented, or friended you back...Well, I really have no quantifiable excuse, but the teal deers seem to have abandoned me this past week or so.

There's all sorts of things I want to post about: I beat Shattered Memories, I'm re-playing through Silent Hill 3, I'm Christmas shopping, and I might even be attending a con at the end of the month. There's also a ton of stuff I need to work on, I've got my in_particulate ficlets to finish up, a bunch of plot bunnies I need to nail down, I want to start writing Mushishi poetry again, there's The Great And Terrible AMV,the Silent Hill AMV, I need to practice making my Kanji look presentable, and then of course there's about a hundred games I should probably start: Persona, Bioshock 2, The Path, Cursed Mountain...

I should be back at normal TL;DR-ing levels by tomorrow. I'm hoping today's shift at work will get my brain back into gear, so I should be able to get everything done soon.