November 21st, 2010

What a Dick

AMV miscellany

So, the husband finally persuaded me to sit down and watch AMV Hell 5 with him. About halfway through, 'Chicks Dig Giant Robots' starts blaring and we look at each other in shock. Turns out the reason my submission got rejected was that somebody'd already used the exact same thirty seconds of the song* to make a TTGL hell just like I had.

It was one of those weird Twilight Zone moments that, while kind of unsettling, was tons of fun and actually put me back in the mood to work on my AMVs. Hey, if I have the same ideas as someone who managed to get featured in something so famous, then maybe I've got a few drops of potential after all. =D

*Well, he'd used the full version, I'd used the TV version (the one with the cheesy sound effects)
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